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VISWIN 永遠の定番モデル グレートデラックスバリューアーティストアクリルペイントセット ブナ材フレンチイーゼル 商品追加値下げ在庫復活

VISWIN グレートデラックスバリューアーティストアクリルペイントセット ブナ材フレンチイーゼル


VISWIN グレートデラックスバリューアーティストアクリルペイントセット ブナ材フレンチイーゼル


VISWIN アクリル絵の具セットをお買い上げの上、おめでとうございます! アクリル注ぎは魅惑的な流体塗装技術です。 アクリル塗料をベースにしています。 液体、注入可能な濃度に注入することができ、必要に応じて他の添加剤を添加します。 技法に応じて、この液化塗料を互いに注ぐか、キャンバスに傾け、塗装面を傾けることで分散します。 塗料、媒体、添加剤の選択によって、異なる効果が生まれます。 この詳細な使用チュートリアルでは、 Acrylic Pouringの仕組み、どのテクニックが利用可能か、そしてあなたが求めるサプライを紹介します。

VISWIN グレートデラックスバリューアーティストアクリルペイントセット ブナ材フレンチイーゼル

I was very satisfied with this product, I will give you the full breakdown.The paints: They produced vibrant colors and were very workable. They had a wide color palette that would allow painting of any subject matter. The amount of paint in each container was substantial, more than enough to paint several pieces!The easel: The easel was very versatile, easy to set up, and durable! There was even a built in level in the center for those looking to work outside on uneven ground. Every aspect is adjustable to fit your needs of height, angle, and type of canvas as well. There were compartments for storage of a number of supplies and the whole thing is portable and fairly light weight!The brushes: These came in multiple shapes and sizes which allow for covering the canvas quickly and adding very small details too!The palette knives: These came in all shapes and sizes as well. They can be used to create multiple different types of texture and also to spread paintThe acrylic markers: These were super smooth and gave a very nice outline, perfect for more graphic or anime style pieces!Other notable details: The set comes with a color wheel that shows relationships of different colors and complimentary colors as well. The plastic palette has a rim around the edge that prevents paint from spilling over. There are different size canvases of different types and even black canvases if you want to go for a more high contrast look. The package also includes an entire acrylic paper pad that is perfect for on the go acrylic paintingAll in all, this kit is a steal for the price and an absolutely amazing value to beginner and professional artists alike! I would highly recommend!
This set is huge! Such a great deal. One of the wide brushes I got was splayed but I just took some tweezers to the wild bristles and it's perfect now! That kind of thing happens with any brushes set though. The palette is much larger than expected and the easel can get to be very tall! The best part about the easel is that it can pretty easily convert into a tabletop easel. I have yet to use most of the supplies because this JUST came in the mail, but I will update once I do.
This is an amazing product I’ve been using this kit for about 2 weeks and was a bit skeptical at first because usually the quality of supplies in paint kits isn’t the best. That couldn’t be farther from the truth for this product everything that I received was made with amazing quality. This kit comes with everything you need to paint. The variety of brushes is great, even though there aren’t many they try to provide all the necessary brushes from large flat to small run for details. The canvases are nice quality and are pretty sturdy, the canvas doesn’t bounce because they weren’t stapled tight enough like some other brands I have tried out do. They provide not only brushes but pallet knifes and markers! It also comes with 2 different size pallets, the large wooden one is great to hold because it is very light weight and doesn’t feel awkward in you hands. The easel is great once it is completely tightened, I was standing and painting for about 6 hours and had no trouble with the easel wobbling. It is very convenient because it can fold up so it can be carried, it can be a desk easel, and it can be a standing easel. It also comes with a compartment in it that can carry all of your paint and brushes which makes it extremely convenient to travel with! Probably my favorite part about this entire kit was the paint. It was extremely high quality and it came in these little containers so if you have extra paint when you were done you can just put it back in the container. You can’t do usually since most paint comes in bottles. The color selection was also beautiful, I made this little mushroom painting with the paints and the colors are just beautiful. I love the pink that comes with it, it is hard to find a nice vibrant pink in stores that has the quality and color I want, but the pink was perfect. Everything about this kit is amazing, if you are looking for a gift or maybe a nice quality set the start out with I highly recommend this for anyone!